Kayak na Costa do Sol, Cascais 2013

  • Destination: Cascais
  • Price: 30 €

Duration: Approximately 5 hours

We start this kayak trip of 5 hours with output of Cascais Bay by 9:30 am bound for the beach Avencas. We have the opportunity to observe the marine life of this area. We pass Fort Monte Estoril, this fort was the holiday residence of Dr. António Salazar.

We make a stop for half an hour on the beach Avencas. The Beach of Avencas has a history of medicinal use. The fern grows in damp and dark as rocky crevices and areas of water flow. In the natural habitat can be seen the gull-wing dark, the cliffs can find the snail and lichen-black. Below sea level we can see octopus, sea urchin, starfish, burrié, mussels and limpets. We can also observe the boll weevil and bream-fish-sucker.

Return to the bay of Cascais. End of the journey.

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